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There must be a suitable dress for every occasion in a womans wardrobe. Elegant kaftan evening dress are designed for solemn events and best emphasize the beauty and femininity of its possessor. They stand out among cocktail and casual dresses with a number of features.

Features and benefits of kaftan evening dress

A distinctive feature of the evening dress is its length, an abundance of decor and the use of noble materials. It is able to hide any flaws in the figure. Evening dress is an element of the dress code and is most often used at events that start at 19 oclock.

How to choose kaftan evening dress

A dress choice should be based on a body type, height and complexion.

Women with inverted triangle and pear types should not focus on the hips. Inflated waist, accents on the chest, V-neck, American armhole or asymmetrical top would suit such types. Inverted triangle will feel confident in A-line dresses with a belt and a light or bright skirt. Women with this type will suit dresses with multi-layered skirts, skirts with rich drapery or asymmetry. Do not forget about the emphasis on the waist.

Women with the body types such as Circle or Apple should choose straight dresses with an X-shaped or asymmetrical drapery on the waist. Accents in dresses should focus on the top of the body: chest and shoulders. Its recommended to choose monochrome, dark, with an overstated waist or slightly belted dresses.

The Rectangle body type is easy to bring to the type of an hourglass, making expressive accents at the waist and creating a volume above and below it. Such women can wear dresses with drapery, with a skirt flap, sun, voluminous sleeves and wide belts. The dress can emphasize the chest and draw attention to the hips and shoulders. Its better not to wear dresses on thin straps for this body type.

The Hourglass body type can wear the horizontal and vertical lines on the dresses, as they only emphasize the correctness of proportions. Dresses for them should smoothly outline the body, placing emphasis on the waist. These can be belts or decorative elements.

There are also some additional recommendations for curvy women and petite.

For petite

Long dresses visually shorten the height of small women. But it doesnt mean you should forget such dresses as kaftan evening dress. There are some ways to draw a silhouette. Among them, open shoes with high heels, V-neck neckline, flared skirt, vertical lines, long earrings and high hairstyles. This is facilitated by flowing fabrics that create vertical folds. Large drawings on fabrics should be avoided

For tall

Tall women look great in long dresses. However, they should avoid pulling parts. For them, it is preferable not vertical but horizontal lines, U-shaped neckline. Women who do not want to visually look even taller should not wear the deep neckline, high cutouts on the hem, dresses with an open back.

For plus size

Plus size women should be guided by the body characteristics. With a pronounced waist, you can use kaftan evening dress styles that emphasize the silhouette.

The waist must be emphasized. Women who are close hourglass type can use soft, flowing fabrics. There can be any soft prints: peas, flowers.

If the waist is not expressed, and the body type is rectangle, so the dress should be chosen from the fabrics that hold the shape well. In this case, the waist must be highlighted. Women with lush forms of any body type should avoid large prints and tight fit.

The most popular cuts

The most common evening dress cut is the A-shaped silhouette. It has an adjacent bodice and a skirt, widening downwards. The skirt of such a dress should not be lush and create wrinkles. The image in the A-silhouette dress has elegance and is often found in the collections of famous designers.

Another option is a ball gown. This is an X-shaped silhouette dress. These include dresses with lush skirts, multi-layered, with flounces. It creates a large volume, starting from the waist line.

Another well-known style of evening dress is the mermaid. This dress is an adjacent cut along the whole figure, widening at the very bottom, resembling a fish tail. Such dresses can wear skinny women with the right proportions of the body.

The next dress cut is Empire style. It is less capricious and will suit Plus Size women, with a slim waist. This dress with an overstated waistline and underlined breasts. It is made of dense fabrics, so the dress in Empire style does not have wrinkles.

The dress in Greek style is similar to the previous dress style. But it is made of soft tissues, forming folds.

There is also a direct cut of evening dresses. The dress of this style must be supplemented with a belt that brightly accents the waist. Otherwise, it can ruin even the most feminine proportions of the body.

Color spectrum and trim

Evening dresses can be neutral, dark, light and bright colors. Color diversity allows you to choose a dress that blends harmoniously with the color of the skin, hair, eyes. Color can play a decisive role in the correction of body proportions.

As a decoration bugles, beads, pearls, half-wool, rhinestones, crystal beads are used.

Fine materials, such as beads, are suitable for light, refined dresses. Pearl creates a romantic image. Rhinestones – exquisite royal. In addition, the dress can be decorated with lace, transparent inserts, fur and even feathers.


Floor-length gown is the main characteristic of the evening dress. Any other length for special occasions is typical for a cocktail dress.

Fabric and texture

The main materials used for sewing kaftan evening dress are silk, satin, chiffon, lace, velvet, muslin, taffeta and brocade. According to their texture, they can be soft, hard or transparent, shiny or matte.

Soft fabrics are satin, chiffon, silk. The brocade refers to the hard one. Shining fabrics are satin, brocade, silk and materials with decoration. Transparent fabrics are chiffon and lace. Each of these materials can be used depending on the time of the year, the purpose of the dress and the external features of the woman.

What to wear with kaftan evening dress

The main role in choosing accessories is played by the specificity of the event.

The strictest version of the dress code, White tie, means gloves, classic high-heeled shoes, jewelry made of precious stones, fur coat and a small handbag. Black tie allows you to replace precious stones with expensive jewelry, and fur coat is not required.

For other styles, Formal and Black tie invited, the list of necessary accessories is not prescribed. Therefore, you need to be guided by the environment and the features of the dress for choosing jewelry.

Stylish looks

Any dress requires a proper frame in the look. A significant role in the choice of jewelry plays a dress decoration and a neckline shape. A richly decorated bodice, lace or with an American armhole, is self-sufficient. Necklaces in such cases distract from the dress, overloading the top. The look can be supplemented with earrings, suitable for finishing.

In one dress different types of decor can harmoniously coexist. Complex drawings can create guipure, rhinestones, sequins. And the look can be finished with fur.

No less spectacular, you can look in a dress decorated only with crystals that create complex drawings. Subtlety silhouette will give a feminine cut and train for special solemn occasions.

Every dress has its own character, which must match the inner state of a woman. You always need to imagine what kind of effect you want to create in your own way. Correctly matched dress for a woman can solve any task set by her.

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